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Fast backup of files

Video: Fast backup of file shares - No load, ransomware protection, fast restore

Millions of files? Huge number of TBs?
Slow backup? Issue with restore?

There is a solution! You can backup any file share fast, secure and with easy restore!
See summary of what PowerProtect Data Manager offers for backup of CIFS/NFS - any NAS shares!

  • Huge fast - backup every hour! 
  • Hardware agnostic
  • Fast restore

Direct link to the video:

Detailed description of topics covered in the video:
0:05 - Backup of files can be pain:
 - load
 - time

0:30 - Agenda

0:50 - Why do we talk about backup of files?
 - we talk about CIFS/NFS that is tough to backup
 - no agent possible as for Windows NTFS use case
 - we have millions of files / hundreds of TB
 - backup is slow - even days
 - restore is slow, restore point is long time ago

2:58 - We talk about PowerProtect Data Manager
 - can backup fast CIFS / NFS shares from any vendor

3:29 - Architecture of the backup file share
 - we have FULL backup by only reading what has changed since last backup
 - backup is huge fast because we read only delta
 - PPDM performs only FULL backups - though reads only delta
 - no incremental / differential backups - only FULLs 
 - huge important because FULL backups provides fastest restore and possibility for granular restore

6:40 - Value
 - no load of protected system / protected system does not feel the backup
 - no load of network - protected share can be far from media
 - backup is huge fast / I can perform backups frequently 

8:12 - What does t mean that every backup is full but we read delta?
 - if 2 files have changed, we will read just them
 -  we have a full backup
 - this is magic and incredibly fantastic

10:12 - PPDM uses BOOST protocol

10:25 - It is magic and fantastic!
 - during couple of minutes we can have a full backup

 10:45 - PowerProtect Data Manager demo
 - PPDM just controls backups - does not take part in data movement
 - we add a new policy for CIFS backups
 - we choose share
 - we can choose synthetic full - full with reading delta

12:35 - Automated dividing for streams / slices
 - dynamic slicing
 - every 200 GB is single stream
 - 3 streams for 600 GB data
 - every 1 million of files is single stream
 - 5 streams for 5 millions of slices

14:15 - demo - setup maximum number of streams for particular share
 - we do not want to use to many streams for particular streams
 - limiting streams for a large number of TBs

16:15 - The backup is controlled by proxy
- PPDM controls backups from aside 
- proxy is installed automatically from PPDM
- I can have many proxy - every of them is 24 streams

17:26 - This is functionality for all possible CIFS/NFS shares
 - any CIFS any NFS on whatever storage
 - hardware agnostics
 - we can enjoy huge speed
 - it is just software / proxy
 - proxy is just Virtual Machine
 - we can add a new proxy / VM to add streams
 - 24 streams per proxy

19:12 - How many Data Domain systems are supported?
 - as many as we want
 - we can use bigger one - DD9900 - almost 2000 streams

19:38 - No agent required
 - agentless 100%
 - we do not install anything - also on the backed up share
 - adding a new share - we will se no agent is required
 - showing how simple is adding a new share to PowerProtect Data Manager

21:20 - Proxy binaries are within PPDM
 - demo how easy is to install the proxy

21:50 - Only first backup is reading whole data
 - every following backup is reading change but we have a full backup

22:07 - Proxies are deployed manually
 - we shall have more calculate how many streams we require
 - if we need 50 streams probably we need 3 proxies (x24 - 72 streams) - to have some buffer

22:47 - What do we get? Summary:
 - Speed 
 - Frequent backups
 - All backups are FULL
 - Immediate restore
 - Granular restore

23:02 - Protection against ransomware / hacker attack
 - we can setup retention lock
 - demo - setup retention lock live in PPDM
 - production can be deleted but our backup will survive

24:17 - Self-backup infrastructure
 - demo of self-backup infrastructure
 - when we create policy we need to manually say which shares we want to backup
 - but we want that PPDM automatically add new shares connected with PPDM
 - showing dynamic filters live
 - all shares that in the name contain k8s must be automatically backed up
 - we see that now PPDM will backup 4 shares having k8s within name
 - we can also say that big shares go to one policy / small shares go to another policy
 - all backups from some Isilon shall go somewhere
 - Self backup infrastructure is available only for Unity / PowerStore / PowerScale

27:35 - What is Self-backup infrastructure?
 - PPDM asks NAS and asks if there are new shares
 - if this no name share, PPDM cannot scan for new shares, no one to ask for new resources to backup

29:00 PPDM supports any CIFS / NFS
 - huge fast backup for any share
 - for self-backup infrastructure we need supported system to ask about new resources

29:34 - Do we need any post-backup for always FULL?
- NO any post backup actions required
- We have FULL backups like that!
- Please test it and touch it on your own

30:15 Restore
 - we have many backups of different shares
 - backups of NetApp / Qnap
 - we can restore to the same NAS
 - we can restore to Linux / Windows
 - we can restore to any target
 - we do not use NDMP 

31:52 Granular restore
 - we can restore single file

32:15 We can search for files

32:38 Summary
 - Great solution that can help with time, many files, large volumes
 - Very cost effective
 - Look more closely
 - Future - show the numbers
 - I am very excited about technology
 - See you next time!

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Only successful restores!

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