Monday, December 9, 2019

Why new Data Domain models? - DD6900 / DD9400 / DD9900 backup/recovery appliances

In September 2019 Dell announced 3 new Data Domain models (DD6900 / DD9400 / DD9900)
Shall we take under considerations new Data Domain models?

If so why?
What is the architecture?

Below is the summary of changes in new Data Domain models:
  • DD6900
  • DD9400
  • DD9900

Automated protection against ransomware / hacker.
Any backup performed on new Data Domain models is automatically protected for defined period.
Neither ransomware nor hacker can delete it.
How is it possible?

Reducing disk space required for backups
New models require 10-30% less space for storing backups comparing to previous ones.
Wow! Can it be?

Starting even 64 Virtual Machines from new Data Domains with 60 000 IOps performance!
Hugh, can backup be faster than production?

Faster restores from new Data Domain

Capacity on demand
In new Data Domain models we can get more space but pay for the one that we use.

Faster internal components
Does it matter?

Scalability from 48 TB to 1 250 TB

100Gb Ethernet card is possible!

Very little space required Can you store 1.25PB in single rack?

Monitoring and visualizing online all its components

How can it move to new models?

New Data Domain models have a number new & exciting things.
It makes sense to have a closer look on them...

Presentation about new Data Domain models (the one used in video):

Only immediate recoveries!