Thursday, October 21, 2021

Transparent Snapshots - Frequent, Easy, Low cost VMware backups!

BackupRecoveryGuy: Transparent Snapshots - Frequent, Easy, Low cost VMware backups!

Transparent Snapshots is breaking technology for VMware backup and recovery.

In short Transparent Snapshots:

  • Decreases backup costs
    Eliminates any additional serves, components, networking, etc.
  • Allows to backup Virtual Machines even every 15 minutes
    Huge fast backups
  • In case of ransomware, we can restore to very rcent point of time
  • Backup is super easy
    We can be setup in 3 minutes
  • Transprent Snapshots can be implemented for tens or thousands of Virtual Machines the same way
  • Tranpsarent Snapshot is technology fully supported by VMware
Please find below the video describing the  Transparent Snapshots technology with licensing and demo.
Direct link to the video:

0:00 What do we require from vmware backups?
1:04 Agenda 1:24 VADP issues and history 4:08 - RP4VM bypases VADP the problems 4:40 - What does give us Transparent Snapshots? - always available - simple - no proxy - very fast - no snapshots of vmware - we do not load or pause vms 6:14 - Architecture of Transparent Snapshots 10:30 - Value of Transparent Snapshot 13:35 - PPDM - backup solution that implements Transparent Snapshots 14:50 - PPDM - self backup architecture 17:10 - Why Transparent Snapshots? No proxy, directly backup from ESX - cost savings, no impact on production 20:00 - Why PPDM? 21:44 - Transparent Snapshots requirements 22:04 - Comparison betwenn VADP and Transparent Snapshots 22:50 Licensing 26:00 Demo Policy, self backup Transparent snapshots HUGE FAST backups - 23 seconds - the real time of backup! 31:50 Summary / value of Transparent snapshots

Fast, easy and always successful backups and restores!
Daniel Olkowski