Tuesday, August 8, 2017

New NetWorker 9.2 - ransomware protection / de-duplication to S3 storage

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There has been released a new version of NetWorker 9.2 with plenty nice features.
You will find list all of them at the bottom.

Anyhow, at the beginning, let me dig into 2 most interesting aspects of the new NetWorker 9.2:

  • De-duplication to S3 storage
  • Ransomware/hacker protection
Backup to S3 storage with source de-duplication
NetWorker can use S3 storage in the same way as Data Domain. So if we store backups on S3 storage we can enjoy:
  • De-duplication
  • Source de-duplication
    NetWorker sends to S3 storage only small, new data fragments that are not yet existing on S3 disk system
  • ClientDirect
    Each protected machine sends its data directly S3 storage
What is the value?
Why the backup to S3 media with source de-duplication is so important for us?
  1. Reducing cost of storage / network
    S3 storage is the cheapest medium.
    In addition, thanks to source de-duplication, we minimize network costs, backup media.
  2. Minimizing cost of cloud data backup
    If we do backup resources located in the cloud (Amazon / Azure / ...), then S3 storage is the cheapest medium available in the public cloud. With source de-duplication, we additionally highly reduce the cost of backup storage and the cost of the cloud network – 2 most important cost factors.
  3. Accelerating backups
    Storage S3 is cheap and secure. However, it is not the fastest medium. De-duplication on the source allows us to send / write to S3 storage very minimum amount of data. Thus, anyhow we achieve very good performance. Why? Because of source de-duplication, there is almost no data sent, no data writing so speed of the network / storage is not important. The performance is maybe not as huge as with Data Domain but better than using ordinary disk.
  4. Disaster Recovery for cloud data
    What if we need to protect data in the cloud locally, in our Data Center?
    NetWorker can do that easily and in very cheap way. We have several scenarios to choose from:
    • Backup our cloud data to our Data Center (S3 storage) with source de-duplication
    • Backup to S3 storage in the cloud and than replica to our Data Center (all the way de-duplicated data)
Briefly: NetWorker is the fastest and cheapest solution for cloud backups!

One of my friends backs up old, archive files directly to S3 storage using NetWorker. and having all the values:
  • ClientDirect
  • De-duplication on the source
  • Bypassing any other media: Data Domain, disks or tape
He finds this very cool thing because:
  • For archive data, he does not need huge backup / restore performance -> he does not need Data Domain
  • Backup is simple with a few clicks to make it
  • He has Disaster Recovery within the solution
  • The cheapest possible backup cost!

Protection against ransomware / hacker
Having NetWorker / Data Domain, we are sure that even in the case of ransomware or hacker attacks, our backups are safe.
In NetWorker 9.2 – besides regular retention - we can also define blocking time for our backups. What does it mean blocking backups? For example, we can say to NetWorker:
Please keep my backups for 5 years, but for 14 days do not allow anyone to change/ delete    those particular backups.
In this case neither the virus nor the hacker nor us (administrators) can delete/change the backups within the defined 14 days.

This is standard NetWorker functionality available at no extra charge / license.
At the backup price we have an additional layer of protection against cyber-attacks.

This is also important from GDPR perspective.
One of the requirements is to provide security and data integrity.

List of the most important features in new NetWorker 9.2:
  • Backup to S3 storage with source de-duplication
  • Protection against ransomware / hacker attack
  • VMware: Image level backup with SQL consistency
  • HyperV: Ability to dexclude particular disks in VMs from image level backup
  • Backup to Date Domian running on Amazon / Azure
  • SQL database backup
    • Simplified installation
    • Ability to disable databases from backup
  • Exchange / SharePoint
    • Recovery of single items
  • Support for SAP IQ
  • Support for SAP HANA on Power Linux
  • Recovery of Isilon snapshots between different physical Isilons

Register to 30 min webcast that discuss NetWorker 9.2 new features in details.
Thursday, 28 September, 10:00 CET (Vienna, Prague, Berlin time).
Details / registration:

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