Thursday, August 27, 2020

Data Domain 7.2 - What is new?

Performance & Security - these are flagship Data Domain features.
They are further improved in new Data Domain 7.2.
Let me invite you for short discussion about new DD 7.2 features.

Direct link to the above discussion about new DD7.2 features:

What is new in Data Domain 7.2?
Compliance - absolute lock for protected data

Data Domain allows you to absolutely block backups for a specified period of time. Thanks to this, neither ransomware nor hacker can hurt our data - we can always restore from Data Domain:

Data Domain blocks data removal / change for defined period of time (month / quarter / …) Hacker cannot change to bypass the lock - neither directly nor through the NTP server:

Version 7.2 further extends the flexibility of compliance. We can define the maximum time change applied to Data Domain and the maximum number of changes:

The compliance function is available in Data Domain hardware appliances:

Further extension of Compliance (no removable lock) is Cyber Bunker:
described in the article:

How much more space do we gain with new Data Domain models?

New Data Domain models compress new blocks more effectively thanks to dedicated compression card:

And we also gain more performance:

How much do we additionally gain thanks to compression card? The video shows the real numbers from production, worldwide Data Domain:

Let's assume that the old Data Domain would need 100TB for data storage.
New models (DD6900 / 9400/9900) will need
  • only 77TB for storing backups for securing your file system
  • only 85TB for storing backups for securing databases
Detailed explanation of the mechanism that makes new Data Domains to use less space for backups:

BoostFS = huge fast backup speed thanks to source de-duplication
For everyone!

BoostFS Live:

Data Domain 7.2 provides even faster BoostFS backups:

DD 7.2 increases the already super performance of BoostFS - - Real data from SQL backups:

Recovery performance

Each recovery stream is split into multiple threads to speed up recovery!
As a result, even if we have Data Domain with a small number of disks, we achieve a big speed:

Further optimization of Garbage Collection algorithms.

Data Domain provides huge performance – regardless if it performs internal processes or not. 
Thanks to this, it has over 50% market share:

How to set Data Domain cleanup parameters - live:

Data Domain - algorithmic device:
focused on performance:
Possibility to extend compliance for ever

Data Domain allows for fast, frequent backups

No visibility of source de-dup for production:

The video is recording for customers/partners discussion.
Thank you very much all that took place in this event live!
Thank you for time, discussion and... fun!!!

Performance and Security!

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