Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Ransomware attack - how can we recover?

Whatever we do in our life, it is always good to have Plan B.

What if my data are encrypted by ransomware?
Do I have Plan B?
How can I access my data?

What if I have backups that have no chance to be ransomwared/ removed?
What if I have a cyber bunker?
What if I have Cyber Recovery plan?
And... can it be with very attractive cost?

What backup/recovery solution can offer me in case of ransomware/hacker attack?
Why Plan B is important?

How can I lock against ransmoware/hacker?
How can I be sure that none can remove /change my backups.
Can I restore in case of ransomware/hacker attack.

Bunker in IT? - Why, When, How?
Can we do everything automatically?
Can we control our IT over ransomware?
Can we recover immediately?

All methods to protect against ransomware/hacker

Hardening - let's remember about this simple approach

Data Domain Snapshots 
No cost, no additional space, no performance degradation method to have protection of our backups

Why source de-duplication increases my security?

We can protect ourselves against ransomware/hacker
We can have plan B
We can make it easy and automated...

Let's consider it...

Presentation about Cyber Recovery (the one used in video):

Only successful recoveries!

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