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DP4400 backup/recovery appliance and… everything is ready!

Video about DP4400 (below there are links to each part of discussion):

Presentation about DP4400:   

Let’s imagine we have chosen our dreamed backup solution. It was not easy, we had to compare and check plenty of parameters. But it is over. We know what data protection is best for us.
Is it really over? Can we really just wait for delivery of our preferable solution?

Unfortunately not.  We still need to take care about:
  • Design
  • Implementation

Design is important. If we do not take care about proper design and we provide too few resources for:
  • Backup server
  • Media servers
  • De-duplication pool
  • Network

we can have poor backup/recovery performance best. More probably we will expirience instability of our backup solution or in the worst case data loss (f.e. because of currupted de-dup database).

Also implementation of the above take us weeks if not months. This is pain for OS guys, Virtualization guys, Network guys.

Do we really have to take risk (as company, personally) for design / implementation / maintenance?
Is there another approach?

DP4400 is 2U backup/recovery appliance that is ready to backup our environment just after power on. The ease is not compromised with capabilities. We get top market features ready to run.
Just after power on and providing our IP addresses.

What functionalities does DP4400 provide?
DP4400 includes:
  • Software to backup/recovery of VMware, HyperV, OpenStack, databases, file systems, NAS devices, remote offices, laptops, … - any systemsBackup engine is based on the Avamar system
  • Media to keep our backups
    It is based on top market Data Domain technology and offers plenty unique features:
    • Best de-duplication (least storage required, least bandwidth required for replication)
    • No network usage during backup (source de-duplication)
    • Ransomware protection (locking backups)
    • ...
  • Finding any phrase in backups (GDPR)We get huge efficient Elastic Search engine
  • Cloud as Disaster RecoveryWe can replicate our Virtual Machines to Cloud and start them for Disaster Recovery / tests
  • Export old backups to cheap S3 storageDD technology within DP4400 has CloudTier functionality that moves old backups to cheap and secure S3 storage
  • ReportsOver 300 reports, analysis of problems, predictions of future provided by DP Advisor engine
  • Single console to mange the whole backup environment - our DP4400

DP4400 provides all the below beauty of backup solutions:

What about desing / implementation / maintance of DP4400?
DP4400 is 2U appliance that comes to us:
  • Installed
  • Configured
  • All components are properly tuned
  • All components have resources required to work with full power
  • Ready to backup / recover our data just after power on

We turn on our 2U device and we can enjoy the backup/recovery:

DP4400 is installed in rack - what do I need to do perform backup/recovery?
After power on DP4400, to perform backup/recovery we need to provide things that factory does not know:
  • our IP addresses
  • define what we want to backup (SQL, VMware, Hyper-V, Windows, laptops, remote offices, …)

What environments can DP4400 protect?

DP 4400 can backup:
  • Virtual Machines (VMware, Hyper-V, OpenStack, ….)
  • Databases and applications (SQL, Oracle, Sybase, Exchange, Lotus, …)
  • Files (Windows, Linux, Unix, FreeBSD)
  • Remote offices (protected environment can be even far 100ms from DP4400)
  • NAS (Unity, Isilon, Netapp, ZFS)
  • Standalone servers
  • Laptops
And we can use Cloud as Disaster Recovery!

What features we can enjoy with DP4400?
Let me share with you some of the capabilities that we get within DP4400:
  • Backup from 100 to 1000 VMware Virtual Machines per hour
    Extremely important for ransomware attack – we almost not lose any data!
  • Every backup is full backup!
  • Restore of single file, table, mail from image level backups
  • Immediate repairing of damaged VM (2 minutes to repair 1TB VM)
  • Starting Virtual Machines directly from DP4400 with SSD disks
    Zero time recovery with SSD disks speed!
  • Excluding any files (pagefile.sys) / paths  from VMware image level backup
  • Built in global de-duplication, source de-duplication, smallest block size on the market
  • Very small pipe for replication between DP4400
  • Sending about 1% of data to another DP4400 to replicate backups
  • Finding phrases in backed up documents in less than 1 second!

All the above we always get - no matter which DP4400 we will order! All the features are ready to work, configured in every DP4400.

What are DP4400 options?
Let’s say I take under consideration DP4400. What options do I have?
DP4400 2U device that we can buy in the below capacities:
  • 8TB
  • 12TB
  • 16TB
  • 20TB
  • 24TB
  • 36TB
  • 48TB
  • 60TB
  • 72TB
  • 84TB
  • 96TB

We can buy any capacity and upgrade as many times as we want to higher capacities. For example:
  • We can purchase DP4400 12TB and upgrade to 16TB
  • We can purchase  DP4400 24TB net capacity
  • Upgrade to 48TB net capacity
  • And then upgrade to 72TB net capacity
  • And then upgrade to 96TB net capacity

The upgrade is easy because DP4440 always come with full capacity:
  • 24TB net for Entry Model
  • 96TB net for Full Model
Upgrade with the model is just by entering the license
So for example upgrading from 24TB to 60TB is just entering the license.

If we want to upgrade from entry level model (24TB) to full model (96TB) we get couple of disks that we or Dell put in and that is all!

How big DP4400 do I need to protect my environment?
You shall contact Dell EMC or Dell EMC partner for sizing DP4400 for your environment.
Anyhow, the rule of thumb tells us the DP4400 24TB net allows us to protect 25TB environment with 30 days retention and 10TB environment with 5 years retention. The same proportion we can use for bigger capacities.

What is the price?
For price you shall contact Dell EMC. Vendor claims that price is very attractive – less than buying components separately.
But we shall take under consideration that within the price we get:
  • No risk approach (full power, made by factory)
  • Implementation / configuration
  • All the hardware resources for backup/recovery solution

DP4400 presentation
DP4400 video

And below there links to topics covered in the video.
DP4400 – what it is:
DP4400 – one slide summary:
DP4400 – capacities, upgrades:
De-duplication within DP4400:
DP4400 – licensing, environment we can backup:
Cloud as Disaster Recovery
NAS backup by DP4400:
Management, VMware backup, search and other features of DP4400:
Initial configuration

Only successful recoveries!


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