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DPS DD VE - a great license package for start!

DPS DD VE - video:

What if we need a backup solution for start:
• for couple of servers
• best of breed technology
• easy
And of course at the great price!

It makes sense to have a look at DPS DD VE package, which includes top backup solutions on the market:
Data Domain Virtual Edition (DDVE) - backup medium
Avamar - backup software
RecoverPoint for Virtual Machine (RP4VM) - backup/DR solution recovering VMs to any point from the past
DP Search (Search) - finding any info in backups, great for GDPR
DP Central / DP Advisor (Central/Advisor) - monitoring / reporting

DPS DD VE is licensed per number of physical processors (occupied sockets).
So to get the price for DPS DD VE for our environment we need to perform 2 simple steps:
  • Count all the physical processors in protected environment 
          We should know it easily
  • Multiply “single processor price” by “number of physical processors”
          We can get single processor price from our integrator / distributor

And that is all. We have the price for DDVE / Avamar / RP4VM / Search / Central / Advisor for our environment. Those solutions have included all possible features & modules!

What is the price for a single processor in DPS DD VE package?
I checked and… I was shocked! Really makes sense to ask IT integrators / distributors for DPS DD VE single physical processor price.
For those who know the super price-attractive DPS4VM license package (, I can tell you that DPS DD VE is lots of cheaper!

How does the typical backup architecture look like when using DPS DD VE?
Let's consider the below environment:

In the above example, we have 2 sites and totally we have in both locations:
• 5 physical servers with Virtual Machines (number of virtual machines does not matter)
• 3 standalone servers
16 physical processors totally (16 occupied sockets) - This is the only important thing from licensing perspective
• 14TB data to backup

DPS DD VE for 16 physical processors in our environment
• storage space for Data Domain Virtual Edition (DDVE)
• providing 2 virtual machines per site (for Avamar / DDVE)
we have a full backup solution with best features on the market:

Avamar & Data Domain Virtual Edition – which are included within DPS DD VE – they have all possible features and functions. Dell EMC did not limit anything that Avamar / DDVE provides. For example, we can enjoy:
• Automatic backup of newly created virtual machines
• Disaster Recovery with minimal data transfer (1%)
• 100 - 1000 virtual machines FULL backup per hour
• Restore a single file, restore of single email, restore of single SQL table image level backups
• Simultaneous image backup / guest backup at no additional cost (global de-duplication)
• Backup of physical servers with all available Avamar agents
• The highest performance on the market
• Incredible NAS backup/recovery
• Finding any phrase in backed up documents (Search module – GDPR ready)
• Over 300 ready reports in DPA
• ...
Additionally, apart from the above, the package contains all functionalities of RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines (RP4VM) - another top market solution.

What exactly do we get within DPS DD VE package?
DPS DD VE is license package calculated per physical processor. We need to purchase DPS DD VE for number of processors that we have in protected environment.
When purchasing DPS DD VE license we get the following solutions:
DDVE (Data Domain Virtual Edition) - 2TB DDVE for each physical processor
For example if we buy DPS DD VE for 10 processors, we get 20 TBs of  Data Domain Virtual Edition
All functionalities, all modules, all possibilities for a protected environment
2 Avamar backup servers: one for Primary Site and one for Disaster Recovery site
RP4VM (RecoverPoint for Virtual Machines)
15 VMs per each physical processor
For example if we buy DPS DD VE for 10 processors, we can protect 150 VMs with RP4VM.
• Search
Find phrases in backuped documents (GDPR)
• DPA (Data Protection Advisor) / DPC (Data Protection Central)
Monitoring, reporting, warning, single pane of control

What if my environment grow?
If we grow from 15 servers to 40 servers - no problem. It is just enough to purchase missing physical processor.
Having bigger environment, we have bigger expectations towards backup. We can attach Data Domain appliance instead of using DDVE. And we can enjoy:
  • ransomware protection
  • starting VMs from Data Domain with SSD speed (no recovery required)
  • separate backup medium from production
  • ...
So in future, while growing, no change to our environment  - just replacing media. Backup software, interface, all features - it stays with us. We already have the enterprise ones!

Who shall be interested within DPS DD VE?
In my opinion, the package is great for:
  • Environments having 1-20 physical servers with any number of Virtual Machines
  • New companies, just creating their infrastructure
  • Remote offices
  • F.e. we do not want to invest a lot in remote office or we do not want to put any additional backup hardware to remote office
  • Separated environments from main Data Centers required their own infrastructure
  • Environments required protection with minimal investments
  • VxRail, Nutanix, any hyper converged infrastructures …

Infrastructure as a Service
I think that especially Cloud Providers shall have a close look at this package. Why? DPS DD VE is
  • Extremely cost effective
  • Powerful
  • Easy to divide for tenants
I have talked with my friend from Cloud Provider. He compared DPS DD VE against another solution. DPS DD VE was 25K Euro cheaper for 5 years assuming 20 physical processor customer. And he said that DPS DD VE functionalities are absolutly #1.

Again. Have a close look at DPS DD VE - a very strong package.
And the price? Check, you can be surprised…

Video describing DPS DD VE backup licenses:
Presentation about DPS DD VE package

Only successful recoveries!

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