Friday, February 9, 2018

New Data Domain DD3300 - backup appliance focused on performance and reliability

30 min webcast about new DD3300:
      This Wednesday, 14 February, 13:00 CET (Vienna time)
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We have available a new Data Domain model: DD3300.
DD3300 replaces existing DD2200. 

DD3300 gives a wide choice of capacities. We have 3 variants:
·        DD3300 4TB net
·        DD3300 16TB net
·        DD3300 32TB net
The values above gives us info, how much net space we have for de-duplicated backups.

As we know, Data Domain is extremely efficient de-duplicator, so the question is:
How can I judge, which of DD3300 fits to my environment?
Best approach is to use Dell EMC sizer via partners / integrators / distributors.
Anyhow below there is simple “rule of thumb”:
a.      DD3300 4TB net fits to environments between 0TB to 6TB
b.      DD3300 16TB net fits to environments between 3TB to 20TB
c.      DD3300 32TB net fits to environments between 12TB to 40TB
Number of TB in size of environment above means how much data we have on production to protect (front data). In other words this is the size of single full backup of all my data (without any compression / de-duplication).
For example, having VMware 8TB large and  2TB on standalone servers, it means I have environment with 10TB production data all together. And probably I shall think about DD3300 16TB.

Another question is, how long can I keep backups on DD3300?
Customers keep backups on Data Domain from 14 days to 5 years or even longer. The most common retention is 30 days.
If we want to keep data for long (years) on DD300, we shall choose for sure higher capacities (for example DD3300 16TB net for environment 5TB large).
If 1 month retention is fine for us usually DD3300 16TB is fine for environment about 12-17TB.
Again best is to use sizer from partners / vendor.

Let’s have a look at speed of new DD3300:

 DD3300 offers huge 7TB/h backup speed. It means that FULL backup of 30TB environment we can have in something like 4 hours!
Anyhow, I would like to point to number of streams. DD3300 16/32 net gives us 90 parallel backup streams. Having good backup software we are able to backup almost 100 Virtual Machines in the same time! 
Or backup 80VMs and restore 20 VMs...

When you choose backup solution, take care about number of parallel backup streams. This gives huge flexibility for simultaneous backup / recovery / replication. It is even more important parameter than backup speed itself...

CloudTier - automated moving old backups to S3 storage
DD3300 has built-in export of old backup to cheap S3 storage. This is called CloudTier.
So if we have long retention for backups (years), DD3300 will automatically move backups older than a month (for example) to S3 storage making free space for fresh backups.
No additional hardware is required, anyhow we need a license.

What about the upgrades? Can I upgrade between DD3300 variants?
The possible scenarios are as following:
  • If we have bought DD3300 4TB net.
    We can upgrade from DD3300 4TB net to DD3300 16TB net.
  • If we have bought DD3300 16TB net.
    We can upgrade from DD3300 16TB net to DD3300 32TB net.

Upgrade can be performed by:
  • Dell EMC / authorized partner
  • By customers
    Dell EMC provides tutorials (pdf / video) how to add disks / memory…

DD3300 among other models

The existing DD2200 is available until something like August 2018. 

30 min webcast about new DD3300:
      This Wednesday, 14 February, 13:00 CET (Vienna time)
Online invitation:

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