Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Avamar 7.5 - what is new?

The latest version of Avamar 7.5 provides a lot of new features in virtualization / cloud / application backup and more.

Presentation with a full list of news in Avamar 7.5:
Video with a discussion of the newest in Avamar 7.5:
Avamar 7.5 appears on the market exactly half a year after the previous version. The speed of development is impressive!

Some of the new features in Avamar 7.5:

  • OpenStack image backupFull backups with reading delta from disk Avamar 7.5 implements its own CBT mechanism that reads only changed data since the last backup. Anyhow we can enjoy the full backup.
    Full backup in couple of minutes with no load of OpenStack.
  • HyperV image backup
    Restoring single objects of Exchange / SharePoint / MSSQL from HyperV image level backups
  • VMware image backups
    Skipping pagefile.sys during VMware image backups
    It does not make sense to backup pagefile as it is as new one (from scratch) after restore.
    pagefile can be even 16GB large.
    By skipping pagefile Avamar saves money (less backup storage required) and speeds up the backup.
  • Disaster Recovery in the Cloud Avamar can clone backups to the cloud.
    We can restore data or start our applications in the Cloud for tests or in case of Disaster Recovery.
  • Moving old backups to S3 storage Avamar can move old backup to cheap S3 storage (local or in the cloud) via Data Domain Cloud Tier.
    It saves money and allows efficient use backup storage.
  • VMware application consistent backups Avamar backups VMware images and guarantees that SQL backup is consistent.
    We have full backups, backup of logs only, …
    We can restore the image of VM, just SQL databases, or recover database to point in time.
  • Restoring only rights of files from VMware image backup
  • Tight integration with VMware vCenter
  • ...

More information news in Avamar 7.5 in presentation:
and in the video from CEE partner session:


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